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Every combustion engine constantly needs to be lubricated to avoid friction between the different engine parts. It is essential that parts like the camshaft, pistons and valves run smoothly.

In addition, lubricants including engine oil diminish the wearing effects of miniature dirt particles in the fuel. The engine oil ensures these particles mix with the oil when the former flows through the engine. Eventually the particles are then filtered out of the oil by the oil filter. You can imagine however that over time both the oil filter and the engine oil gradually become saturated and need to be replaced.

Which engine oil do I need?

There are different engine oils available which can be divided up between mineral oils, partly synthetic oils and fully synthetic oils. The bottle will indicate which of these three types is concerned. When choosing your engine oil it is also important to check the viscosity of thickness. In your car manual you will find which viscosity you need.

The viscosity of the engine oil is indicated on the bottle. The information you need is a series of numbers and the letter W. For example 10W50. The first number indicates the thickness of the unheated oil. The closer the number is to 0, the more fluid the oil and the better the protection.

The second number indicates the viscosity when heated. The higher the number, the more fluid the oil becomes in a warm engine. Besides the thickness, a bottle of engine oil has an ACEA reference at the back. This reference is followed by a letter A, B or E. A is for a petrol engine, B for diesel and E for a lorry. Most engine oils are understandably either for diesel or petrol engines. The letters are accompanied by a number between 1 and 3. These tell you the quality of the engine oil in the order 2, 1 and 3. 2 being the lowest quality and 3 the highest. If you’re buying long life engine oil, this will be indicated by the number 4.

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